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Who We Are

Meet our family...


White Wines:

We make both Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc (S. Blanc) in stainless steel tanks to retain the entire natural fruit flavor. There is no wood in our wines. The S. Blanc competes very well with the New Zealand S. Blanc.


Sauvignon Blanc


Bronze medal winner at the 2015 TEXSOM International Wine Competition.

I am a crispy, fresh, fruity, unwooded wine that loves sushi, Italian veal, and shellfish. I go very well with good food and good company, anytime!




I am another fantastic, unoaked wine (not like other Chards from California). My pleasant tart, fruit flavors let me mix better with light soups, pork, chicken, mushroom, and seafood. I also enjoy good food and good company.

  Grapes on Vine                    

Red Wines:


All three reds are 100% of the grape itself; there is no blending. We age them 3 months in French oak so that they can retain their natural flavor.




I am a 100 % unblended, red wine like the other the La Fuente Reds with full black pepper and plum aromas that loves a rich bar-be-que.  Also, I enjoy grilled meats and pasta.

Class Champion at the 2014 Houston Rodeo International Wine Competition.

Since we let the wine be very natural, our merlot is bigger than the Cabernet -different from the merlots from California. Most Merlot wines are altered by blending them with other grapes to soften the end product.                Chile is becoming a great producer of merlot.                


"New Generation"
Cabernet Sauvignon

First Silver medal winner at the 2007 Houston Rodeo

International Wine Competition. I'm a special member of The La Fuente Wines. My light, mellow, great character does very well with salmon, tuna, and venison; for the weekend, I am a good addition to a succulent omelet shared with a loved one or friend.

Very mellow, soft and smooth. It goes very well with light pasta, omelets, and chicken.


 "The Lost Grape"™

Class Champion, Silver Award at the 2008 Houston Rodeo International Wine Competition and a medal winner since then! 

I am "The Lost Grape" (story below). New to most wine lovers, my spicy, rich, full flavor makes me an ideal table companion to all meat lovers who enjoy a fine steak.

This grape is to Chile what Malbec is to Argentina or Zinfandel to California. Its flavor is rich with slight spiciness. The perfect wine with beef; superb with a homemade hamburger. It ages very well.

  Grapes on Vine

The Story of
"The Lost Grape"™


In the 1860's in Bordeaux, France, the grape growing area was devastated by a horrible infestation. However, before this problem happened, Chileans had taken these vines to their country. Through all these years, Chile used the Carmenere as a Merlot.

 In the late 80s-early 90s, a foreign enologist (expert in vines) came to Chile and proved to the Chileans that this particular grape was not Merlot, but CARMENERE. The grapes look alike except the leaves are different.

Also, in the harvesting process (keeping in mind that Chile is six months ahead of us -different seasons), Carmenere is harvested last: first, the S. Blanc (around mid-February); then, the Chardonnay; next, the Cabernet; followed by the Merlot, and the last grape to ripen is the Carmenere (about May).